Sad dog sitting alone on bed. Feeling lonely needs motivation or just love
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Tired of being taken For-Granted. The Truth may be something else.

Pallavi Agarwal


You are assertive and in control of your life. But somewhere along the way, you start to realize that the people around you are taking you and the things you do for them for granted almost all the time!

You may be kind and caring. And you may go out of your way often to please your lover and pamper them. But what do you do when your indulgences are taken for granted and turn into expectations?

Is that what you’ve been feeling lately? This feeling becomes stronger as one ages. Because the bullshit wall starts to thin down and you can only take so much. You start to value yourself and only want to spend your time and energy on what truly matters.

Is this who you currently are?

  • You feel you are not treated with respect
  • You feel your coworkers or family are taking decisions without involving you
  • You are doing almost everything all the time. No one else seems to be contributing
  • You feel less confident after every interaction causing a low self-esteem
  • Your needs are almost never met, however much you give to others
  • Your Point of view is never considered, hence you’ve stopped contributing to conversations
  • You can’t say ‘no’. You have a very hard time declining something to people. You’d rather take on more commitments or responsibilities than utter the word ‘no’.
  • You can’t confront people. Because you cant confront or express, you end up unhappy and fill your head with resentments and frustrations
  • You can’t be alone. And sometimes this leads to toxic friendships, relationships where you are treated you badly.
  • You seek approval. You constantly need an external approval to make a decision or take an action. This hurts you when the external advice is against your inner decisions.
  • You crave for appreciation. You don’t like going against people you want to impress or win over. Hearing a small line of praise from them would mean the world to you.

If you agree to some or all of these, then you are probably in the same boat as many others. This helps to validate that it’s…