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Stuck at 99

Pallavi Agarwal


100 followers to ensure you earn from Medium if you have been an existing writer.

As crazy as that may sound, this initiative from medium has brought together communities and people interacting with each other, following each other and supporting. I surprisingly reached 99 followers as I’m publishing this post.

But I keep wondering, what happens after the 100? would the support go down and so will your follower count? Maybe, maybe not. Regardless, just garnering support will not take you far.

It could only give you a head start. It wouldn’t lead to you becoming famous or even trend. Your content and your authenticity would.

You have to be yourself and show the world you have found your purpose. With each article, take your readers on a journey into what it feels like being you or what your mind is buzzing with?

Those who vibe with you will certainly find you in the midst of the noise and follow you. This however takes time because we are all a work in progress. We are on a journey to discover ourselves or are too caught up sometimes to simply take action.

We find it easier to seek people who mirror what we would love to see in ourselves and get hooked onto their socials. But that’s the difference, they are taking ACTION. while you are not. All you gotta do is put your head down and power through with focus. Even on the days, you’d rather be sitting by the beach. Especially on those days. They get you to the other side.

Once you do that, all you need to do is articulate. Find a balance between your real life and how you tell the story. Tell compelling narratives but be yourself. Its rewarding to be consistent. The virtual or the real world, never forgets.

That’s when you’ll truly start seeing your community.

5 Steps to help build your community

  1. Be authentic.
  2. Provide immense value.
  3. Be social, like, chat, reply to people.
  4. Help one person at a time.
  5. People will notice, and they’ll follow you.

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