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Product Manager Skillset Cheat Sheet

Pallavi Agarwal


“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it” — Pablo Picasso

Information on Product Management is overwhelming. It’s everywhere and so many things to get started. What can you do?

START HERE. Look at this quick dirty cheat sheet to see if you should get into it any further?

Think about Product Management again if you thrive on the following:

  • 👏 Appreciation for everything you do or your efforts
  • 📑 Get things done your way
  • ⏰ Working alone with concentration, one task at a time
  • 💡 Your thoughts and ideas being accepted and executed
  • 👍 Being Likeable
  • 🐼 Staying away from F2F or virtual meetings
  • 👪 Do not like People in general

You are already one step closer towards Product Management if you feel comfortable with:

  • 📎 Brainstorming and drawing out next steps
  • 🎪 Solutioning for problems for business, users or your team
  • 📈 Driving business growth
  • 📆 People. Multitasking with all kinds of people. Always surrounded by people (real time or virtually)
  • 🙌 Strategy, planning and actually executing the Gyan you just gave
  • 💲 Getting it done. Period. No questions asked.
  • 🔭 Leading teams. Maybe yours or the dev, dev ops, QA teams by aligning them and influencing towards the right business goals or otherwise.
  • 📞 Communicating, communicating, communicating until someone tells you you are over communicating and then doing it again.
  • 📗 Decision Making. Whether it is using a free Library vs partnering with a vendor or deciding what to get for lunch.
  • 💳 Creating something amazing
  • 👊 Detail oriented, and over prepared

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