Russian Dolls
Photo by Simon Hurry on Unsplash

How I fell in Love with Russian Lit

Pallavi Agarwal


This is in response to the writing prompt “What do you recommend” by Jolie A. Doggett in Creators Hub.

And is very close to my heart.

I’ve read several books large and small

so far in my life,

But every time someone asks for a book,

Only one comes to mind.

It was my first tryst with Russian lit,

And it came bundled as a gift,

But it has stayed in my memories

And remembering it always brings some mist.

“When Daddy was a little Boy” is what its called,

Written by “Alexander Raskin” for all kids big and small.

The stories tell you what daddy did when he was young,

So mischievous, getting in trouble with people and things in turns.

Old Daddy tells these to his little girl, who has an ear ache,

Lying in bed, waiting for daddy to help with stories and some cake,

Makes me wish I had spent such time time with my dad,

He left us and went to the multiverse way before I grew up and could be mad,

Raskin’s stories make me believe my dad was alike,

Would have told me made up stories to just watch me smile.

His stories bring me back to my childhood and remind me what growing up was like,

With love hate relationships everywhere, but true friends always by your side,

You could have been mean, but grew to be better,

If you learnt from your mistakes they didn’t really matter.

The book talks about toys, family, friendships,

It doesn’t leave out anything or any of the little daddy’s hardships,

From learning music, to biting his professor,

Little daddy did everything from his imaginary roster,

Makes me laugh in midst of my meetings,

And takes me back to life’s littlest blings.