Photo by Ben Collins on Unsplash

Are UFOs just billionaires traversing through space?

Pallavi Agarwal
3 min readAug 23, 2021


The moment Richard Branson launched into space in his private flight, he altered the realm and meaning of space.

Space has always been a relative word. My space may not be the same as your space. Whether in physical distance or in a mental relative.

“Give me my space”, “I need my space”, “I hate anyone entering my private space”, “I want to build this space into my hobby area”, “This will be my kiddos space”; so many emotions intertwined into one little word, ‘space’.

Whether physical or emotional, one space holds different meanings for each individual. Only when two emotional spaces coincide is a harmony created in a relationship between individuals.

For GenZ, there’s a lot of discomfort that comes from the boundaries or the lack of that are associated with space . A pondering question that looms around them “Where the hell do I stop being me” translating to where does my space stop and yours begins?

Writing this article, I’m sending out my words and my vibe into my bizarre space residing within Medium’s space. Almost like the relativeness of the movie Inception.

It’s the essence of being alive that creates the cloud of space. It’s not just humans, or animals, even plants find or create their own space. Ever seen a tiny sprout…